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Bennett Casts Key Vote to Save Jobs, Ensure Reliable Electricity


In the fall of 2021, the Illinois House passed an energy bill which will save thousands of jobs and ensure clean, reliable electricity for Illinois. The bill was the result of months of bipartisan negotiations. I supported the measure in order to ensure a positive outcome for the workers who produce the power we depend on, and just as importantly, to ensure the viability of the power grid in Illinois for generations to come.

The vote came at the 11th hour, as many key power generation plants in Illinois would have been forced to close without the legislation. 

Closure of plants like Dresden, near Morris, would have devastated workers, communities, public safety agencies and school districts by way of millions in lost wages and property taxes to local bodies. It almost goes without saying that these essential businesses are the lifeblood of the local economies in which they operate. Additionally, the measure helped to prevent a steep rise in electric rates that would come with Illinois purchasing out-of-state power.

Though the outcome is good for the working families, surrounding communities, and consumers in Illinois, we should have never been in this position to begin with. Many of the issues the bill sought to address have been known for many years and should have been addressed sooner. The majority party has refused to call these key issues for a vote, a theme when you examine the issues that plague our state.

The nuclear plants that were helped by this bill include Dresden Generating Station in Morris and Braidwood Generating Station near Braidwood.