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Work with taxpayers, schools, and families to have strong education programs.  We need to:

  • Prepare our students to compete globally
  • Invest in our teachers, equipment and facilities

Seek solutions to reduce the current property tax burden for school funding.



Look for new markets and alternative uses for Illinois agriculture products.



Encourage business growth, to train future workers, and reduce the red tape and mandates that slow the economic growth for businesses, workers, and families in our communities.



Reduce the tax burden, including property taxes, on working families.  Encourage savings, not debt.



Promote family-friendly legislation that helps support and build up the family structure.



Continue to enhance patient access to proper care while also focusing on the high cost of healthcare.



We need to find better ways to live within our means.  Hold state government accountable.



Support the second amendment.



Affordable and abundant energy is critical for the growth of our state and country.  Nuclear, natural gas, coal, wind and solar are all in play and we need to develop a plan that will help us more forward addressing the needs of our economy and environment.